Pyradiomics extension

I have noticed the following message at Radiomics. Is it correct. It must be because I cannot find Slicer Radiomics in the extension manager currently.

Pending resolution of packaging issues, SlicerRadiomics is not currently distributed as an extension via the 3D Slicer ExtensionManager. You can however use this extension if you build SlicerRadiomics from source.

SlicerRadiomics extension is available for the latest Slicer Stable Release and @jcfr is working on making it available in the upcoming new stable release (Slicer5).

See also The slicerRadiomics module and many other modules are not found in the latest version - #3 by lassoan

Yes. You are correct. I installed the latest “stable” version and could find the SlicerRadiomics". Thank you very much for your prompt response and help.