Registration and contour comparison

I would like to compare two data sets. The first CT data set is Reference data and the second data is deformed data. I would like to know “How much the second data deformed”?

  1. How to registration between data set 1 and 2? Firstly, I try to open two Dicom files for comparing but it can open only one data set.
  2. How to analyze the contour for the metrics (Dice Similarity Coefficient and Hausdorff distances). Firstly, I try to use the Segment Comparison module but It can choose only one data in two segments but I would like to compare two Dicom files.

Thank you very much


You definitely want to spend some time going over the Registration tutorial to learn on how to do this

You will have to segment the two Dicom files first if you would like to do this.

Please go over the segmentation tutorials.

Hope this helps

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Thank you so much for your quick reply. I choose only one folder and have 2 data subset in this folder for comparison. When I click on DATA >Choose directory to Add > select folder. It shows more than 2 nodes. How can I import files?

Please use the DICOM module to import and load DICOM data sets. See some more information here:

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