Release of Slicer 5.4 in progress

Today’s (August 18th) regular preview and stable builds of Slicer and associated extensions have been disabled in favor of a new stable release.

To track the progress, see Release Slicer v5.4 · Issue #7178 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub



  • Slicer 5.4 packages are being generated :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  • Regular preview and stable builds have NOT been resumed

Update :sparkles:

If you identify any issues related to packaging and/or signing of the packages, let us know :pray:

Next :rocket:

  • Finalize and publish release announcements
  • Update Signing-Application-Packages to account for notarization workflow updates
  • Review remaining extensions build failures and submit issue reports and or pull requests. See CDash report.
  • Address remaining 2 issues associated with this milestone. See here
  • Finalize patch to ensure macOS download stats are all accounted for. See slicer_download_stats/issues/3

Awesome. Is there a summary change/feature list (since the last stable) we can share with community?

Is there a summary change/feature list […] ?

In the next few days we will compile this list :rocket:

In the meantime, see the list of what is coming up in the “Next” section above.

Thanks for your patience :pray:

Ps: I just edited the reply above to make the Update and Next sub-sections more prominent.

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