Replace scripted module template by scripteddesigner

We have two scripted module templates now: scripted and scripteddesigner. The “scripted” template has several limitations: GUI widgets are created from code, parameter node is not used (user choices are not saved in the scene), logic is not created in the widget (so it is not accessible from other modules).

What do you think about replacing “scripted” template by the new “scripteddesigner” template?

It would be nice to have just one template that supported both approaches.

I can certainly add an example in the template that shows how to add a widget using Python code.

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I think it is a good idea to retire the old scripted module template. I don’t see any advantages for using that. Besides, it tends to confuse people at bootcamps, so I imagine that it would confuse any non-expert Slicer developer as well. Better to not have any obsolete options exposed.


Pull request submitted: