Reslice Driver Disable Rotation

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I was wondering if there was a way to disable the rotation of the CTs when using the Reslice Driver in IGT? Right now I understand that the CTs are rotating based on the rotation of the tool, but it can appear very unintuitive at times. Is there an easy way that I could disable the rotational component and only have the slices scroll based on where the tool is depth-wise? Thanks!

If you have a 6-DOF tool, such as a stylus then you can rotate the views by rotating the tool.

If you have a 5-DOF tool or the user wants to specify reslicing with a single direction (e.g., C-arm rotation angle) then you need to specify how you want to constraint the up direction to make the oblique views easier to interpret. See a full working example here.

Thanks so much for the response. I have a 6-DOF tool but I do NOT want to rotate the views when I rotate the tool. Is there any way/how would I implement that?

Yes, you can use the code snippet that I referenced above.

Note that you can also use the anatomical axis-locked modes of Volume Reslice Driver module. Or you can show the slices in 3D view - then you don’t need rotation at all because the slice is displayed in its physical location.

Where is the axis-locked mode located? Thanks!

You can choose a slice view to be locked to an anatomical axis (and only adjust the position of the slice with the pointer) here:

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Thanks so much for the help!

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