Rotate and translate a node around a specified point

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried to transform a node around a specified point script to work. The models are illustrated below. The red one is the reference model with the defined centroid (F-1).

I followed the video as described here:

The results are illustrated below:

So my question is, does this script only perform the rotation? Because I also need the translation that is needed to align these models.

I already performed ALPACA on these models to align them and get the transformation matrix that I copied to ‘rotationTransformNode’, but I want to know the total transform (rotation + translation) around a specific point (centroid) that I defined as F-1. I thought the script mentioned earlier would be the solution, but it only performs rotation, I guess…

Does anyone know how to include also the translations?

I’m working with slicer 5.2.2.

Any help would be appreciated!