Rotate model around specific point

What is the easiest way to rotate model around specific point or a new origin?

The model of table top by default rotates around origin (0, 0, 0). I want to simulate the pitch and roll angles of the table top around specific point or ball joint with coordinates (Itx, Ity, Itz). Usually that means that i must translate models into new origin, than rotate models, and translate them back.

Should i use only hierarchy of transforms, or is there another way?

Here is a sketch of the issue, default coordinate system and origin XtYt (black arrows), new system is Xt’Yt’ (red arrows).

Maybe this is what you looking for ?

And video made by Prof Lasso!Arm_AFxB9yqHucN9pd6edw1a1cgxbg?e=x5SJOd

Thank you, that is enough.

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