RTStruct viewing anomalies for radiomics

Operating system:Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.2
Expected behavior: imported RTStruct mask to show what MRI image regions are masked, and non-masked, when viewing
Actual behavior: Two problems:(1) The displayed binary image mask has artifacts (some masked slices are not shown as masked) (2) when I mouse over the mask + image, the ROI does not always show as being masked.

Basically, the masking when using the RTStruct Dicom doesn’t seem reliable when viewing. This is not a problem when I use a binary mask read in as a Dicom volume.

If this is just a viewing artifact, I’m not concerned. My concern is whether the RTstruct masks are not reliable for radiomics processing.

Thank you,

If you view the closed surface representation in slice views and you have complex segmentation (with holes, etc) then it is indeed just a visualization artifact. You can either switch to binary labelmap representation or switch to a recent Slicer version, where this problem has been already fixed.