Run BRAINSResample from command line

Hi all,
I would like to run BRAINSResample from Windows command line.

I tried to follow this guide but I get nothing (I press enter and I get a new line), both from cmd and from text file where I rerdirect the output.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot.


Getting console output on Windows has always been a mystery for me, and I don’t think I ever figured out a workaround.

Maybe notes from this bug submitted back in 2013 about this issue will help you: But reading the notes in that issue, I do not see an actionable workaround. Maybe I just need to re-read it several more times, but fortunately I don’t have to use Windows, not at the moment anyway.

Ok…I got it.
I thought I was not running it properly (on Linux I can successfully run it).
I think I will run it in Linux.

Thanks a lot!


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