Save the latest version

Which files do I need later to save the latest (segmented) version? (Image)

I usually save all files so that no data is lost, but this usually takes a long time and takes up a lot of storage space. (with slicer supported file would be good to load the model quickly)

And I have one more question about the Cast Scalar Volume (Short) module.
Do you only use this function if you have too little memory or should you avoid it if possible, since there is a risk of getting a model with a lower accuracy?

Many thanks for your help.

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In general, if you are not sure which node corresponds to what then you can go to Data module and click the eye icons to show/hide a node - whatever disappears and reappears is that node.

You can check the scalar range in Volumes module’s Volume information section. If scalar range can be represented using the chosen output scalar type then no information is lost during the conversion.

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