Scale model in gltf

Good morning,
I performed segmentation and I would like to scale the results of segmentation in gltf format.
Actually I can scale the model in stl using Surface Toolbox or save the unscaled model in gltf.
I need to scale the model and export it in gltf.
Can I hace suggestion about this topic?

Then why can’t you export the scaled model from Surface toolbox as GLTF?

Surface Toolbox allows to scale segmentation objects (stl or obj).
OpenAnatomy allows to export gltf model but it doesn’t see segmentation objects previously scaled with Surface Toolbox.

That doesn’t sound right.

You should be able to export models from OpenAnatomy, not just segmentation. They need to be under a subject hierarachy, thought i believe. So try making a folder within your data module, move your scaled model under that folder and then try the OA one more time.

This worked for me with 5.4.

Thanks for suggestions.
Since my segmentation is made up of many segmentations (result from TotalSegmentation), when I export the models, many models are also created. Is there a way to merge them together before scaling them and then export them to gltf?Thanks

I’ve checked the glTF standard and actually the length unit is specified to be in meters. So, I’ve updated the OpenAnatomy export module to always export in meters. You can get the updated extensions from the Extensions Manager tomorrow or later.

Thank you very much for support and for information. Hasn’t the unit of measurement for the OpenAnatomy export module been meters so far? Concerning the way to merge the segmentations together and then export them to gltf, can you please suggest me a solution?

Length unit in Slicer (and in DICOM and in all medical image computing software) is millimeters. OpenAnatomy export module has exported all models in millimeters, too.

In the latest module, I’ve included a millimeter to meter scaling transformation in the root of the glTF file, so we comply to glTF specifications.

You can verify distances in a glTF file using an independent viewer, such as - just drag-and-drop the exported glTF file to the viewer and use the measurement tool.