Segment Editor - Odd cursor behavior using tablet with latest nightly builds

Hey guys,

In the March 18 nightly build, I noticed some odd behavior when using my wacom tablet with the Segment Editor. If I select the paint tool and move the tool around with my mouse, the circle that represents the paintbrush moves around. If I use my pen/tablet and move the cursor around without touching the tablet to paint, the cursor moves around but there is no circle to show the paintbrush. When I touch down and paint with the pen, the circle shows up immediately and painting works fine. (Hopefully this explanation is clear…)

Any ideas? I’ve updated my tablet drivers. It is a Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium), MacOS 10.12.6.

I don’t remember having this issue a week or so ago. If someone can point me to how to get previous daily builds, I can try to narrow down when it started happening - I don’t remember how to download a nightly from say a week or two ago.



Can you double-check if the behavior is different with an older version of Slicer? You can download older versions using the “offset” parameter as described here:

I don’t think we’ve changed anything related to this in the past several months. There might have been a change in how the tablet simulates mouse events. Maybe there are settings that you can adjust (maybe you need to activate a “mouse mode” where pen generates regular mouse events).

Thanks for the download link - I knew it was in there somewhere.

It works properly with 1/23, fails with 2/26. Narrowing the window down now (lots of downloading). I haven’t changed any settings on my tablet, but I did try mouse vs tablet mode and there’s no difference.

Thanks, and I will keep you updated.


Probably this came with Qt5 then. Not sure if we can do anything, because it is a change on a very low level.

OK. Do you think it’s a Qt or a VTK thing?

This is a Qt bug: It is categorized to be quite low priority, so probably won’t be fixed anytime soon. You can use this workaround: hover the pen over tablet when application is started.

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Hey, thanks Andras! Good find, and thanks for the workaround!

You guys are awesome!