Slice view freeze when using tablet

Sometimes when using my Wacom tablet and Segment Editor, a slice view will freeze up and become unresponsive. The remaining slice views will work just fine. It seems like this happens when the slice view gets a lot of events from the tablet and/or mouse simultaneously.

Unfortunately it is fairly hard to replicate and the only solution seems to be quitting and restarting Slicer. I also do not see any output in the console or error windows.

Does anyone have any ideas for where to add in some instrumentation-type code to narrow down where this might be happening?

I’ve just discovered that this question has not been answered for a very long time. Does this issue still occur?

I have the same problem. If I use my Wacom Intuos pro small it is a nightmare to paint anything in the Segment editor. When trying to paint an area they circle freezes at the starting point and it follows your move only few seconds later and sometimes not properly. It happens all the time not just occasionaly. Slicer version 4.11 20212026 stable

@opetne - Are you on Mac or Windows?

Regarding original post - it seems to happen less often.

Does it happen with the latest Slicer Preview Release, too?