Segment Editor Paint Issue

I am trying to use the segment editor feature to isolate an organ in my animal scans. When I attempt to paint using the segment editor tool, it doesn’t persist. Here were my steps

  1. Load .tiff files using ImageStacks on the SlicerMorph extension
  2. Volume render into 3D
  3. Go to segment editor, create new volume, paint tool

When I attempt to paint, the paint does not seem to be going onto the 3D volume projection, so maybe it is something wrong with how I am loading my files?

Volume rendering and segmentation serve different purposes. If you want to see the 3D of your segmentation, then skip step 2 and click the Show 3D button in segment editor.

You may want to read this section before going any further on your project: Image Segmentation — 3D Slicer documentation