Segment out enamel and dentin off of a micro CT scan?

I’m just wondering if anyone is able to segment out enamel and dentin with 3D slicer and been able to take volumetric measurements of the enamel and dentin? Could someone please show me how to do that on slicer? I would greatly appreciate it!

You can follow the discussions at

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The link above will give you the whole tooth segmentation. You can then use the threshold with local intensity option and just extract the enamel as a individual structure, and subtract it from the whole tooth. Then you can use the segment statistics to obtain volumes of just enamel and dentin.


Would someone be willing to show screenshots of how to do this? How would you subtract the rest of the tooth? Or specifically, take a threshold with local intensity and separate out the enamel? Any additional help would be much appreciated!

I do not have access to the data shown in the link, assuming you segmented all teeth individually, missing steps are

  1. Creating a blank segment
  2. Expanding the local histogram option of threshold, choosing circle option, and making selection within enamel only area. You may have to sample in a few different places.
  3. Changing the editable area to the segment number of the tooth you are trying to split into enamel and dentin.

At the end of these steps your original segment should be only dentin and your new segment should be only enamel.

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