Segment visibilities are not saved in the mrml file

I have a segmentation with two segments.
I disable the visability of the 2nd segment in the data module.
I save the scene.

If Ioad the scene again, both segments are visible


Thanks for reporting this, I could reproduce it. Saving of visibility state is correct, but the information is ignored when the scene is loaded. I’ll try to fix this.

Fix committed in revision 26831. Nightly builds are being reworked, so it may take a few days until a new nightly build is created.

Thank you. Seems to work.

But now the master volume information seems to be ignored?

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What do you mean? What do you do, what do you expect to happen, and happens instead?

I have a scene with one CT volume and two segmentations.

I load the scene -> Switch to Segment Editor -> Switch to the 2nd segmentation

Then I have to select the master volume again, although it was previously selected before saving the scene.

I cannot reproduce this, it all works well for me. Have you added segments to both segmentations? Can you upload the saved scene somewhere and post the link here?