Segmentation is not showing as 3d model

Operating system: MacOS 11.1
Slicer version: Slicer 4.10.2
Expected behavior: Showing 3 Model
Actual behavior: Only showing 2d model

Dear all,
I am trying to manually segment the liver using slicer. With the older versions I was able to direcly create 3D Models of the liver, however when using the new version and using the command “grow from seeds” only a 2d model appears (see attached picture). Maybe one of you can help me, thank you so much in advance

have you not applied the initialization? So the preview segment replaces the original segment.

Hi Manjula, thanks for your kind and quick reply. No so far I have not known initialization and neither applied it. The normal steps I follow are:

  • drawing the liver and outer segment
  • growing from seeds
  • manually finetuning by erasing overlapping volume
    and this always worked (see attached picture).
    How can I use initialization?
    Thank you very much for your help

This tutorial shows the liver segmentation with grow from seed