Segmentation masks disappears from 2d views after histogram thresholding (but not 3d)

Not sure if this is a Slicer issue or a MONAI issue, but I’ve only hit the issue so far using the MONAILabel and MONAILabel Reviewer plugins. When I use threshold an image and see, for example Editable area = Inside segment_1), after “Apply” the segmentation mask for that label disappears from all 2d views. Any paint etc. drawing done after that point similarly does not appear in the 2d views. I do however see the label in the 3d view (including post-threshold values and any modifications I make with paint etc.).

I’ve tried a few versions including the stable 5.6.1 and the 5.7.0 release.

The issue is fixed now in the Slicer Preview Release.