Segmentation Not Centering

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask the community is familiar with a issue I am facing in 3D Slicer.
Currently I am trying to continue my segmentation, but having troubles with viewing in the 3D space. With my segmentation, I initially open and the segmentation appears in the bottom-left corner. However, after hitting “center view” to center the model, the model instead goes to the upper right corner and shrinks. The segmentation in the other 3 axes do not shift and the pixels segmented remains, I believe it is a visual error.

Any help or discussion in troubleshooting this, would be very appreciative.

Thank you,


The behavior looks correct. The view is centered on the segments visible in the 3D view. You can choose any other point as camera focus (center of rotation) by right-clicking in any slice or 3D view anywhere and then selecting “Refocus camera on this point” in the menu.

Hi Iassoan,

I might be misinterpreting the software, but I do not think this is correct behavior. I usually press center view and the 3D model goes to the center of the box regardless of the position. As seen here. In the above situation, after I pressed that same button, the model moved to the upper corner

The box includes the volume currently displayed in slice views.

This issue may be solved in the following post: Error in Opening Files using Slicer 5.6.2 - #3 by MPARHAM