Segmentation of ocular

Hallo, i am new in 3d slicer. Please help me to teach me how to make ocular segmentation using CT scan of Head ?

There can be many solutions. Please tell a bit more about what you would like to do so that we can guide you to the optimal solution.

What is the clinical application (problem you want to solve)?
What exact anatomical parts would you like to segment?
What are your constraints (time, skills of the user, accuracy)?
How many cases would you like to segment?

I want to do a reconstruction of the ocular in preparation for making the ocular prosthesis. My reconstruction will be using 3d volume rendering. I don’t know the step by step in order to produce a good 3D image for later use as an implant. Plis, help to guide me what steps i have to do in order to produce a 3D volume rendering image ? and in addition to a 3D volume rendering, I want to do a volume measurement.

Can you attach a sample image where you mark what part you would to visualize/quantify?

the ocular prosthesis part that I want to visualize to 3D volume renderring

I want to raconstruction the ocular prosthesis (artificial eye) like the videos… but i dont know how to reconstruction like them…