Segmentation resolution

Can I select the pixel resolution of my segmentation?

is it the same as native image resolution?


Binary labelmap representation has the same resolution as the master volume that you select first.

the 3d result is good, but the segmentation path appear with large pixel


Before you start segmenting your volume, use “Crop volume” module to crop it to the minimum necessary size, enable isotropic voxel size (check Isotropic spacing), and reduce voxel size (e.g., set Spacing scale to 0.5). Use this cropped and resampled volume as master volume for segmentation.



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I see a cropping ROI but it seems that you haven’t actually cropped the volume. Was that intentional? If you use a smaller ROI then you can have much finer resolution volume (so you can segment small, thin structures very nicely) without having a large volume. Also note that you can smooth the segment (using Smoothing effect) and/or you can apply smoothing during labelmap->3D surface conversion (using Show 3D button’s Set surface smoothing option).

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Yes it is true



an off topic question: if I want to use this selection, BUT INVERTED, to create a mask in all volume (then to mask all that is outside of this selection)… can i dublicate the selection? and invert it?

You can use Logical operators effect to copy and invert segments.

yes thanks, worked perfectly

for some structures is easiest to select the structure, then invert and mask all outside