Segmentation smooth

Hello! I have a dataset of chest CTs. Here is what I see when I open them with 3d slicer:

This segmentation has some sawtoothes both in the label map and the mesh.
I want to get smooth contour and I saw some videos use the ‘Gaussian smooth’ in ‘Segment Editor’.
Is this a nice way to maintain the segmentations’ information? Since they are made by radiologists.
Also the ‘Gaussian smooth’ has the ‘standard deviation’ option. How should I set this in a reasonable way? How many milimeter should I choose?


Thank you!

The segmentation’s resolution looks very coarse. I don’t think you can get a very accurate segmentation out of this, but if you increase the resolution of the segmentation before applying smoothing then you might get better results.

However, I’m not sure if this is worth it, as you can get much higher quality segmentations using LungCTAnalyzer extension or TotalSegmentator extension - fully automatically, in a few minutes, including splitting the lung to lobes (and also segmenting 100 other structures).