SegmentEditorExtraEffects not building for latest stable snapshot

An error about MaskVolume:


Hopefully there are not more instances of this due to the new snapshot being called 4.11.20210226 instead of 4.13.20210226

I’ve pushed a fix.

@jcfr Calling the snapshot release Slicer-4.11.x may be more trouble than I though after all. For example, I’ve now updated the extension to work with 4.11 snapshot, but this means that the extension will not work with the 4.11 branch. To avoid confusion and more chances for errors, it would be probably better to either backport all the changes to the 4.11 branch or change the snapshot version to Slicer-4.13.x.

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To support calling the snapshot release 4.13.YYYYMMDD while we actively develop 4.13 version, we would need to have daily update of the variable Slicer_VERSION_PATCH to be set to the date of the day.

In the meantime, I suggest doing the following:

if (Slicer_VERSION VERSION_LESS 4.13 AND NOT Slicer_VERSION EQUAL "4.11.20210226")


if (Slicer_VERSION VERSION_LESS "4.11.20210226")

Or, we can switch the master branch version to 4.15.

Yes, we can always handcraft version checks to fix the problems, but version checks already make the code more complicated, and it is hard to ensure they work well, especially for extensions.

If we keep 4.11 as snapshot version then I think it would be more appropriate to merge all the 4.11 snapshot contents into the 4.11 branch.