Send DICOM data using DICOMWeb for Google Healthcare API


I am trying to use the option ‘Send to DICOM server’ for a series in the DICOM database, (using the latest version of Slicer - 5.1.0-2022-09-20). I’m using the DICOMweb protocol and the destination address is a Google Healthcare DICOM datastore that I have already created and populated with some data.

However, when I use the ‘Send to DICOM server’, I get the following 404 Client Error:


I checked that I can access the data in this DICOM datastore using the DICOMwebBrowser. However, I noticed that in the ‘send’ function in DICOMLib\, there is no authorization for the Google Healthcare API (though I see kheops). Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place, or have the incorrect URL, so any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Deepa - Yes, I believe the google healthcare DICOMweb is only implemented as part of the SlicerDICOMwebBrowser extension, and that only handles downloads and not uploads currently.

You would need to add something like these lines from the extension into the Send code.

It makes me think we should move all the DICOMweb code into the core and refactor a bit to allow Kheops and GCP authentication support to be plugins to a generic interface. It’s not a lot of code.

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