Sequence of many vtk files

Hi 3D Slicer community members,

I am new to 3D slicer, and any advice will be appreciated.
I am trying to play animation of many vtk files (*.vtu), made from ParaView. Each VTU file contains x/y/z nodes, grids (structured grids) and density data.
I loaded them in Sequence extension and tried to run animation from Sequence browser but I found that all of them overlapped in the space, not showing any difference b/w frames.

In ParaView, when I load many VTK files, they are arranged along time steps of file names, and animation is relatively automatic. In 3DSlicer, will I need extra pre-steps or VTK is not recommended for making animations? Any comments are appreciated.



After you loaded all the files into the scene, you can create a sequence from them by following these steps:

Dear Andras,

Thanks for the instruction. I followed those steps but still they don’t show animation - just overlapped grids or cells. Following images are the steps I used - they match with the instruction, I guess:

Other details are:

  • They are VTU files (produced from ParaView), and loaded as model. If I try to load as volume, it is not recognized.
  • From Models module, all models are visible, and this might be why all grids are overlapped - to make animations, sequence may have to make each one visible while others are not visible. Such changes are done automatically or need to be done manually? If manual, how I can adjust each sequence? I tried to record from ModelDisplay in Proxy node of SequenceBrowser, but it is not clear to me how each frame (or snapshot) can be adjusted.
  • The OS is ubuntu 16 and I am using 3DSlicer 4.10.2.
    Any comments are appreciated.

Best regards,