Sequence volume reconstruction calibration


I am trying to reconstruct a 3D ultrasound volume with the slicer volume reconstruction module. I can correctly apply the calibration matrix (image to probe) specified in the plus server configuration file (used to replay the .mha sequence file containing the tracked images) to reconstruct a volume. However, I observe some undersampling with live reconstruction (many iterations are needed to compose all the images in the volume). Considering this, I want to use the reconstruction of the recorded sequence to reconstruct the 3D ultrasound volume. However, the image-probe calibration matrix (specified in the aquisition and replay PLUS configuration files) is not applied in the .mha sequence metafile.

So my question is: how to apply the calibration matrix (image to probe) to a sequence metafile (.mha) to reconstruct a volume using the recorded sequence reconstruction mode of the Slicer volume reconstruction module?

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Here is attached an example (Elbow example from IGT sample data) of the volume reconstruction from a sequence file where the calibration matrix is not applied.

ImageToProbe calibration transforms are not normally recorded in sequence metafiles by Plus. You can copy and paste the calibration matrix into a new transform and use that for the parent transform of the image.

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