Serial video tutorials on 3D Slicer extension (Python scripted modules) development with GitHub source codes

Hi everyone,

I have been working on the 3D Slicer extension (Python scripted modules) development for a while and learned a lot from the 3D Slicer forum. Really appreciate all the active replies to my questions!

I would really like to contribute to the 3D Slicer community, and I made serial video tutorials on 3D Slicer extension development for beginners.
Here is the link to the YouTube playlist.

If convenient, please help me review those video tutorials and let me know if I did teach correctly somewhere. :blush:

Please feel free to leave me comments, and reply this post, so that I can make it better!

Looking forward to hearing your advice, and thank you so much in advance!


Here is the GitHub source code that corresponds with the video tutorials. :grin:

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Thanks a lot for your effort. These video tutorials may be useful for developers who are new to Slicer!

I won’t be able to provide you detailed feedback on the tutorials but if you have any specific questions then let us know.

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Hi Andras,

Thank you so much for your encouragement! I do hope those tutorials can help beginners with Slicer extension programming.

Just one small question, do you think those serial tutorials can be a good resource that can be added to the 3D Slicer tutorial for developers?

Hope they can help attract more Slicer developers.