Shape analysis error

I have problem in shape analysis module, I am doing shape analysis for mandible condyles pre/post operative, in many cases after doing the shape analysis, the output shape population viewer show flipped models as shown in screen shot, although I made sure that the segmentation models are completely closed and no holes or gaps in the segmentations after cropping, but still get same flipped models, after many trials. I opted to make new segmentations for the condyles but still get same flipped output models after performing shape analysis
( this issue happens for one sided condyles, For example, the problem is happening for left condyles models, while right condyles models taken from the exact same mandible segmentation have no problem at all in shape analysis result)
what am I doing wrong or missing ?

this is what is shown on the python console when the output of shape analysis is flipped unaligned models

You have some non-ascii characters, and extremely long file path that might cause the reported write issue. I would first try with a simpler path, without any non-english characters and see if it works.

thank you for you reply, this is the python script I got with simpler path, same result flipped output models

the previous shape analysis screenshots taken from slicer operated on windows, this one is done on Macbook