Error Using Parenchyma Analysis Extension

Very new to 3dslicer (and the forum) so please forgive any naive misunderstandings here. I’ve looked and didn’t find an answer in the forums.

I’m using the parenchyma analysis extension to analyze a whole bunch of datasets. I’m able to make it work wonderfully for any of them (whichever I open first). However, when I try open a second acquistion to analyze, the “analysing…” button doesn’t change back to “analyse”. When I click on “analysing…” an error message says “Input Volumes do not have the same geometry.”

I’ve tried deleting all of the scenes and clearing the cache in the extension but I cannot get it to work without closing the program and then starting it back up every time I want to anlyze a different case.

Any suggestions?


For anyone stumbling here at a later date, I’ve figured out the issue.

After analyzing, the “lung mask” drop down automatically toggles to “none” but, in fact, it’s still selecting the last mask you made. You need to toggle the “lung mask” to a mask (any one will do) and then toggle it back to none before removing data from your workspace.

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Thank you for the report. @PaoloZaffino maybe you can look at this and push an update?

Which extension are you using?

The parenchyma analysis module of the Chest Imaging Platform extension

Ah, ok, so it’s not the module I wrote.
I think @PNardelli can help.

Sorry, but I’m not familiar with this tool :slight_smile:


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@yonnif Most of the errors should now be resolved. Please update CIP within the next few days and test.

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