Shape Population Viewer

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.2

I’m trying to use the ‘shape population view’ module, when I installed and restarted 3Dslicer it does not show up when i search for the module. I tried reinstalling 3dslicer but still have the same issue. Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you.

You may need to use latest Slicer Preview Release.

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ShapePoupulationViewer (and CMFreg) cannot be installed anymore in Slicer (latest nigthy version). Is it only accessible any more via SlicerSALT???

It seems that Shape Population Viewer has not been updated to be compatible with VTK9 (the new visualization toolkit version that is used in recent Slicer Preview Releases). You can add a comment to this issue to indicate that you would need this feature: