Show a live camera slicer

I am getting real time images from a camera. How can I show them in slicer three d windows? If I try to use load volume function then we will be loaded with a huge number of volumes. So is there a way to just update an image that is already present in slicer. And can we show a image that is opened in python script.

You might want to look at how streaming with Plus Toolkit and OpenIGTLink works.

Can I get Script documentation for these libraries??

There is no need for scripting (at least to get started). You create your whole system just by using the GUI, set up connections, specify configuration files, etc. and just save the scene. To start streaming and show the data all you need is to load that scene. Tutorials are available here.

I want to automate the things sir, so I require scripts for my purpose.

All you need in your script is to load the scene that you prepared.

At this level there is step-by-step tutorial and no documentation is generated but you can find description of classes and methods where they are declared (in header files in C++, in the py files in Python). You are also expected to learn from examples, and by reading code, and asking specific questions.

You can find the source code of some existing applications in these repositories: