Alter Individual Image Slice Origins in a Node

Hello Everyone, I am working on a project where I will receive UltraSound images (in TIFF format). However the US images are taken from a robotic arm so will not all have the same origin or spacing between images. The origin and spacing data is encoded into the file name (using the end effector position) . Is it possible to take this information and alter individual slices’ origin and spacing?

I am very new to 3D slicer so apologies if this is trivial but I would be extremely grateful for any directions to head in.

(NB. Attempting to add these to a module but learning about that too)

Yes, you can reconstruct volumes from arbitrarily oriented ultrasound slices, either in real-time, as the frames are required, or retrospectively from a set of recorded position-tracked ultrasound frames.

As far as I remember this video shows all the steps how to set this up, but if you have any questions then let us know:

Thank you Andras. I think perhaps I oversold how in depth I was going/ overestimated how much I could do myself!

Forgetting about the 3D model, would there be a way to simply make a volume (only thinking about slice model), where I change individual slice spacing and the x,y co-ordinate? (The yaw value/ orientation is the same for all slices)