Slicer-4.8.0 win x86

Operating system: win 7 32
Slicer version:Slicer-4.8.0 x86

I’m looking for Slicer-4.8.0 win x86, but I can only find Slicer-4.8.0-win-amd64.exe on the download site. Where can i find the link for the 32 bit Version ?

Thanks in advance

Hi - 32 bit versions just don’t handle typical tasks so we don’t make them available.

You cannot buy 32-bit Windows computers anymore (with a very few exception, such as sub-$100 tablets), so it is not worth the effort for developers to provide these releases. However, you should still be able to build them if for any reason you must use a 32-bit operating system.

I’ve tried a 32-bit Windows build from today’s version of Slicer and it has been completed successfully. If you are interested, you can download the 32-bit installation package from here. Limitations:

  • if you need extensions, then you need to build them yourself
  • due to limited memory space of 32-bit applications, you may easily run out of memory if you load large volumetric images.