Slicer compile behind proxy (clone into dcmtk through http)

Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04
Slicer version: Git
Expected behavior: compiles
Actual behavior: does not compile (does not clone into dcmtk through http)

Hi all,

I just set up a new development environment which sits behind a http/https proxy, no full internet access, especially no git access. I tried to compile Slicer but it stops at the Cloning into ‘DCMTK’ step. When setting the Slicer_USE_GIT_PROTOCOL option to ‘NO’ the error looks like this (with yes it stops at any git:// link).

Cloning into ‘DCMTK’…
fatal: repository ‘’ not found

Thank you,

See discussion here: Building Slicer behind a firewall

Is there some reason not to switch to github by default, and update our branch as-needed? We aren’t tracking master anyway.

Waiting we hear back from @fedorov , I will switch back to our github fork

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@tpenzkofer Et voila, following clone of DCMTK should work behing proxy.