Slicer latest preview release not working on Ubuntu 20?

Hi. I execute Slicer and get this error message:

mauro@mauro:~/Escritorio/Slicer-5.1.0-2022-09-19-linux-amd64$ ./Slicer
/home/mauro/Escritorio/Slicer-5.1.0-2022-09-19-linux-amd64/bin/SlicerApp-real: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I got this same error after building Slicer this weekend on Arch. Copying the missing library from the build tree fixed the issue. There was a major ITK upgrade, the packaging script should perhaps be optimized.

Thanks for the report @mau_igna_06 and the suggested fix @chir.set :+1: I agree this sounds like a packaging script issue.

FWIW, Slicer-5.1.0-2022-09-19-macosx-amd64 runs for me on mac.

This patch allows to include the missing ITK library in the package :

diff --git a/CMake/SlicerBlockInstallCMakeProjects.cmake b/CMake/SlicerBlockInstallCMakeProjects.cmake
index b98f948e8f..6fca3cb21e 100644
--- a/CMake/SlicerBlockInstallCMakeProjects.cmake
+++ b/CMake/SlicerBlockInstallCMakeProjects.cmake
@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ if(NOT "${ITK_DIR}" STREQUAL "" AND EXISTS "${ITK_DIR}/CMakeCache.txt")
   # HDF5 - hdf5_cpp
+  # HDF5 - hdf5_hl
   # HDF5 until ITK4. final, then it can be removed

Hopefully, it may get fixed in master.