Slicer Tutorial/Developing extension in 3D slicer/page 22,I can't understand a sentence.

As indicated in the figure:plots are supported by the Quantitative layout charts,What should I do to get this chart? Is there any extension?
thanks you !

There are many Slicer tutorials - which one is this exactly (can you provide a link)? What would you like to achieve?

Time/intensity plots can be displayed using Multi-volume explorer module (bundled with Slicer). Since it seems that you are following a tutorial on quantitative reporting, you may need to install Quantitative Reporting extension to access some demonstrated features.

“Charts” are replaced by “Plots” in Slicer. See more information on plots here:

This is a link to the tutorial,page22

I follow the ppt guide step by step, but I don’t know how to get this plot when I use the Slicer ruler to spend a line in the brain image.Can you give me some detailed steps?
thanks Prof.Lasso!

Sorry to bother you, I have solved this problem,
When I clicked on the Apply button of the LineIntensityProfile extension, I didn’t get the above plots because I used the first Part1snapshot. When I switched to Part1snapshot4, I got the results I wanted.
Thank you very much for your help.