[slicer-users] questions Slicer Tractography

from MSc. Alberto Villagrán on slicer-users:


I am working with Tractography module of 3DSlicer in wrist. do you have
any protocol of Quality Assurance or validation of the represented tracts?

Thanks for your attention

Best regards.

MSc. Alberto Villagrán.

Hi Alberto,

Visual inspection of both tractography and the underlying tensor glyphs is recommended. For tensor glyphs, use the Volumes module to enable “Glyphs on Slices Display”:

As far as validation, that’s a complicated subject. Various groups have done ex-vivo work with tracers and comparison of histologically-derived white matter to tractography. Here are two papers that come to mind immediately, I’m sure you can find more by looking at the citations for these (and similar keywords):