Slicer VR and Meta Oculus Quest 2


I am currently trying to visualize 3D Echo data in Slicer VR using an Meta (Oculus) Quest 2. I am able to connect my VR to to SlicerVR by using the SteamVR software. I run into an issue when I try to view the scene in VR, an error message stating:

I have seen that other users have had this error and it was suggested to update the .json files. I attempted to do that with 5.2.2 and it did not resolve the issue. I also saw a suggestion to try an older version of Slicer, when I logged on today I saw a new preview version of 5.3 was released. I am getting the same error message with 5.3.

I have never used .json files before so I’m curious if I downloaded them from GitHub correctly. I will try to update the .json files in 5.3 today and I will also attempt to use an older version.

I’m curious if anyone out there is using this specific hardware combo that could provide some insight for me?