SlicerAstro: show axes on slices


I can see from the Astro picture that Slicer Astro is able to show axes on slice views but I can’t understand how…

By the way according to the documentation axes should appear when one clicks on ruler icon. But it doesn’t work.

I tried to use the orientation marker “Axes” in Slicer 4.13.0-2021-08-24 and it works:


Thank you but I was talking about other axes (link to the documentation):

Ok, I see. I am quite sure that the functions you refer to are parts of the SlicerAstro extension. Have you installed that locally?

I installed the recent version of SLicer 3d Preview Release 4.13 few lays ago and installed Astro extension by clicking on Install in extension manager (it automatically downloads it and unpack).

Also I have tried to build Astro and use it in custom Slicer but axes still doesn’t work (even the extension works).

Did you try to display axes?

I forgot to tell that I use Ubuntu 20.04

Unfortunately, I can not install SlicerAstro from my extensions manager and can not help you. I am on windows.

Probably those axes are displayed by vtkMRMLAstroTwoDAxesDisplayableManager and might require position-velocimetry images. You should be able to clone and adapt it to display the kind of axes that you would like to have.

Thank you for reply.

You mean that I need to try to download some special data and display it?

I looked pretty carefully to the Slicer Astro volume source code and vtkMRMLAstroTwoDAxesDisplayableManager class but still cant understand how this manager is connected with button click in threD/slice control widget (button that is shown on the picture above “ruler icon”). Usually we do this with Qt’s connect() but it seems that in Astro it works somehow differently.

Yes, it might require special volume nodes. But you can get definitive answer by reviewing the code and running it under a debugger.

@Davide_Punzo do you have any advice?

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