SlicerDcm2nii extension not visible in Extension Manager despite successful build

Hi we are trying to make the SlicerDCM2nii extension ( available again to users. It has built successfully on Mac (with a few warnings but no errors) and Linux (no warnings), but it does not appear in the extension manager or on the online web Slicer appstore. It has no dependencies on other modules in its CMake files, so we are not sure what is wrong.

Does anyone have a suggestion of what is wrong or where to look? Thanks!!
Site Name: factory-south-macos.kitware
Build Name: 28092-SlicerDcm2nii-git91ea4d6-g+±64bits-Qt5.10-Release
Stamp: 20190408-0300-Extensions-Nightly
Time: 2019-04-08T13:13:50 UTC
Type: Extensions-Nightly

Looking at the dashboard, it has been built on macOS and Linux:


But there are errors on windows. See

This file need to be updated:

Errors related to abs can be fixed using fabs.

Errors related to getline could be fixed by updating the code to use istream::getline instead

Thanks JC this is very helpful for fixing the errors. But the extension, despite building on Mac and Linux, does not show up in the extension manager on those platforms. Do you have any idea why this would happen?

JC do you know if there some problem with the way this extension is set up? It is not being distributed through the Extension Manager, and it is not visible in the online app store at (Thanks to Chris Rorden, the code now compiles on all platforms.)

Before Isaiah left, on his last day the extension did show up in the nightly, so my assumption is that it should show up again now that it compiles…

Here is the latest compilation result: