SlicerHeart compiling

who can share the experience of building SlicerHeart from source ?
1)strange error
CMake Error at xx/SlicerHeart-build/ITKStrain-prefix/tmp/ITKStrain-gitupdate.cmake:97 (execute_process):
2> execute_process failed command indexes:
2> 1: “Child return code: 128”
2)CMake variable EXTENSION_WC_REVISION is empty
I have added the EXTENSION_WC_REVISION STRING 30379 in cmake gui.


You don’t need to add any variables.

Can you please describe your configure and build process step by step, with as much detail as possible? Thanks.

This can happen when the folder is not checked out from source (ie is not a git repository).

A workaround is to set that variable to something (1 is fine) and also set the SlicerHeart_WC_REVISION to 1 as well. This will bypass the version control checks.

Edit: if it’s a sub project, you’ll have to add the <projectname>_WC_REVISION variable to the project failing to configure.

god, after using the default setting of the cmake without changing any item, all passed…
sometimes I just want to add some option, as ITK_FILTER
… thanks for all friends

The successfully compiled SlicerHeart has been installled mannully , by adding the directory Edit->Setting->Module. Some function need the SlicerIGT module installed first, this module is added the same as SlicerHeart. But when calling the SlicerHeart, Slicer GUI shows a error message-box, SlicerHeart haven’t installed… how to solve this kind of question? thansk

You need to add the SlicerIGT build folders to the additional module paths, too:

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After exactly added the …/Release directory(firstly just to the …-modules directory), all problem solved. Perfect!

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