SlicerIGT error: Received unknown device type POSITION, device=StylusToReference

I am receiving an error from VTK when I connect a Polaris Vicra with SlicerIGT: Received unknown device type POSITION, device=StylusToReference. This is on Slicer 4.10.0. I have no problem on Slicer 4.8.1. I noticed that OpenIGTLink is now separate from SlicerIGT on 4.10.0 so I am assuming this has something to do with it. The extension manager only seems to be working on 4.10.0, otherwise I would just use 4.8.1. On versions other than 4.10.0, the extension manager never finishes “Loading extensions.”

Use TRANSFORM instead of POSITION in the Plus device set configuration file.

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I am currently using the OpenIGTLink program from NDI which is not configurable. I will let them know about this.


You can use PLUS toolkit instead.

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