SlicerMorph Train the Trainers event

Dear Slicer community,

We are organizing an in-person workshop for people to get familiar with 3D Slicer and SlicerMorph. This is particularly tailored for non-clinical imaging workflows (e.g., microCT) where there is lack of standardization in imaging protocols and data formats. The goal is to establish a standard workflow and tutorials for such datasets and create a network of instructors that will help each other and their local digital anatomy communities.

Workshop will take place October 1-8th at the University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs (San Juan Island, WA). You can find more details about the workshop and apply at

Workshop participants are expected to organize a similar short-course in their local community within 12 months of completion of the workshop. At this point we can only consider US based applicants due to funding restrictions.

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Hi. My name is Abdulrahman Umaru from Nigeria. I saw this mail and I am interested in the program. I want to plead if there is room for online participation?
Thank you in advance.

Would be very kind of you to organize at least some webinars for other countries!


@Ugi_Mikla In the last two years we had three online courses that was open to everyone, and total participant count was over 200. At this point the grant that funded these activities is over and its continuation is still being reviewed. If it is funded we will continue those online activities. Meanwhile, you can choose to join our monthly office hours that are held at the last wednesday of each month at 11 (Pacific Time).


Unfortunately this is an in-person event.

Thank you very much for your email.
I am interested in the monthly online class how can I get access to it?
May be next time when there is opening I will glad if you can give me the opportunity.

Thank you once again for your response.

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I’m sorry I missed that. I’ll check more regularly. Meanwhile, where can i find info about the monthly meetings?


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Reminder that the applications for this workshop is closing Monday (21st).