Looking for 3D Slicer Workshop

Hi there, I wonder is there any 3D slicer workshop that I can attend to improve my knowledge and skills in this software? Thank you.

We do a week-long short course that’s a combination of intro to 3D Slicer and morphometrics shape analysis (via SlicerMorph). There will be an online version sometime in the next 3-4 months. You can sign up at Slicermorph-announcements Info Page to get notified when it is open for enrollment.

We have some self-paces tutorials that you can give it a try. They are more focused on SlicerMorph functionalities, but if this section on some of the commonly used Slicer core modules might be useful for you GitHub - SlicerMorph/Tutorials: SlicerMorph module tutorials

There is also another Project Week planned for January 2022. The hope is to have it in person, but it’s very likely to be a virtual event again. But that’s okay if it allows more people to participate, as happened in the most recent one.

What a great community we have. I really appreciate on the feedbacks and looking forwards to learn more. I am student and currently using this software on my dissertation. I hope that I could use this software in my work later. Thank you.

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