Socket Error #10061 when opening 3Shape DICOM file

While opening 3Shape DCM file abutment 3D model file, I am getting error on the clients associated with the server

This is happening only in client machines not server

What do you mean by 3D model DICOM file? 3D surface segmentation DICOM information object? Can you share a sample data set that reproduces the behavior? (make sure it does not contain any patient information)

Is there a way I can share the file which has an issue ? 3Shape team can open that file… but I am unable to open that file.

You can upload the file anywhere (dropbox, OneDrive, etc) and post the link here.

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Please try opening this file …

The file is not a DICOM file. Some HPS (?) format (XML).

<HPS version="1.1">
      <CE version="1.0">

From 3-Shape , I exported the CAD … and in that folder I got three files

I-790453-6112 0.dcm
I-790453-6112 1.dcm

I am able to open “I-790453-6112 0.dcm”

Q1 Were you able to open “I-790453-6112 1.dcm” file ?
Q2 Is there any viewer for HPS format

Both files have same tags… HPS … But one opens and other does not