Some questions about Application settings

Hi,everyone,four questions:
1.After I downloaded some extentions,the modules are too much to been shown in one page.How can I switch to the next page or the rest modules?
2.When I setup the new version (4.7.0,2017-08-03) ,the extentions I downloaded before(4.6.2) could not work correctly even if I add the modules path in the Application settings menu. Do I must download the new extentions again for the new version,and do it have someting with the Nightly version?
3.How to adjust the label position of ruler up and down?
4.What is the reason about the color information of models I made before missed when I load it in the Slicer again?

  1. You can use the search field next to the combobox
  2. Yes, you need to install extensions again from extension manager. 4.8 is now out, I suggest you install that
  3. Go to Annotations module, click on the ruler in the Edit column. There you can see all properties you can change (note that there is an Advanced section too)
  4. If you save an STL, it only contains the geometry. If you want to preserve display settings, you need to save the scene

Thanks a lot!
Best wishes!