Sound feedback navigation

I’m developing a navigation module and I want to implement some sound feedback during the navigation. I found this video regarding LumpNav module and this is what I intend to implement:

I tried to look for the python code of this implementation but, in python script of LumpNav and SlicerSoundControl modules, I couldn’t find the python code regarding this sound feedback implementation. Can someone provide the python code to implement this sound feedback?

Thank you!

The simplest option is to use the existing BreachWarningNode infrastructure. See initialization here:

C++ code here:

The actual sound is in Qt, a QSound played when the observed vtkMRMLBreachWarningNode WarningSoundPlaying property is true:

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your answer! I am developing my module in Python. I have already looked to BreachWarning module but it only plays the beep sound when the tip touches the model. I am looking for an approach like is shown in video that adjusts the frequency of beep sound according to the distance to the model.

To create the demo, I’ve added a few lines of Python code to LumpNav to create a transform based on the distance computed by a BreachWarning node.
I’ll add that code to the SoundNav module in a few days - you can track its status here.


You may also want to look at the research described here:

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