Customize Sound effect to Virtual reality environment

Hi, I just want to add specific sound files to my VR environment. I installed sound control extension. Also, I am following below steps
:slight_smile: Installation:

  • Install PureData - How to install pureData ???
  • Install 3D Slicer - OK
  • Start 3D Slicer - OK
  • Install the SoundControl extension - OK
  • Install SlicerIGT extension (it contains BreachWarning module, which is used for computing distance of tooltip from a target model) - OK


  • Start 3D Slicer
  • Load BreachWarningScene.mrb
  • Switch to “Open Sound Control module”
  • In PureData section, select OscSimpleTest.pd configuration file, click “Start server” button
  • Switch to “Sound Navigation” module
  • Move the needle model by shift+left click & drag => moving the needle closer to the target will increase beepinthe g frequency

Can someone please guide me more how to do that ?

Google PureData download, download it, and install it. Let us know if you have any issues.

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Thanks for the solution. It really saved me!

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