SPHARM-PDM command line running does not generate procalign files

Hi all,

I am using command line to perform SPHARM-PDM. My command is shown below:
./SlicerSALT --no-main-window --python-script path-to-py path-to-param

And I have modified the SPHARM-PDM-parameters.ini file like this:
regparatemplatefileon = True
regparatemplate = ~/Step3_ParaToSPHARMMesh/L_Hippo_binary_pp_surf_SPHARM.vtk
fliptemplateon = True
fliptemplate = ~/Step3_ParaToSPHARMMesh/L_Hippo_binary_pp_surf_SPHARM.coef

But the output in Step3_ParaToSPHARMMesh folder does not contain *__pp_surf_SPHARM_procalign.vtk files.

Where did I go wrong?