Steps to add my Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry module

I have almost finished my Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry module, however I have some questions about integration and publication

  1. I have requested a wiki account but I have no answer yet.
  2. Where do I have to publish the source code? Github, slicer git?
  3. What kind of documentation do you expect? Manual, User guide, only wiki?
  4. How do I control the push requests and how to control bug tracker?

I need alpha testers and some developers advices

You’ll want to look into adding your module as an extension. Read the BuildTestPackageDistributeExtensions wiki page. On that page there is also a link to the checklist for contributing to the extensions index.

This should answer your questions from above about where to put your code, documentation, testing, etc.

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Thanks, I will read this and hopefully be able to submit my module as an extension